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How to Read Tire Sizes

The string of numbers and letters on the top of the tire mean a lot more than you think. For one, everything has a meaning in the string, not just for tire size. Some of the numbers stand for wheel diameter or wheel height. Tire type is represented in the first letter. If it has a P, then that means you have a passenger vehicle. This means that it is rated for passenger vehicles only in the United States. If there are no letters, then that means it is a European tire. There can also be a tire with LT…

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Tools to Replace a Flat Tire

To change a flat tire, you need a few tools. Be sure to review your owner’s manual on how to fix a flat. The items you should keep in your car are a jack, lug wrench, spare tire, spray lubricate, flashlight with batteries, and tire chocks.

Lug nuts are on tight. Sometimes the lug wrench will not loosen them. Spraying a lubricant on them will help free the lug nuts. Before you jack up the car, you will want to chock it. Place the chocks in front of and behind the wheels. 

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The Value of Winter Wiper Blades

Many Rochester, NY drivers know that there are many benefits of having winter wiper blades in your vehicle. Do you know the difference between traditional blades and specialized winter ones? Summer wiper blades are designed differently. They are meant to deal with lighter loads and warmer temperatures. Do not make the mistake of using the same blades in winter. Best Volvo of Rochester is pleased to give you some of the reasons why buying winter blades will be beneficial to you and your car.

  • Winter wiper blades are firm and strong and they do not give in to the heavy…
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