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How to Read Tire Sizes

The string of numbers and letters on the top of the tire mean a lot more than you think. For one, everything has a meaning in the string, not just for tire size. Some of the numbers stand for wheel diameter or wheel height. Tire type is represented in the first letter. If it has a P, then that means you have a passenger vehicle. This means that it is rated for passenger vehicles only in the United States. If there are no letters, then that means it is a European tire. There can also be a tire with LT…

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Clean Tires Are Safer Tires

Most of us wash our vehicles on a regular basis, but do we pay much attention to our tires when we do? You may not be aware of this, but tires can become damaged over time by the corrosive effects of accumulated brake dust, and it is important to regularly clean the dust from your tires.

The first order of business is to collect the cleaning supplies that you will need. Be sure to acquire the correct cleaners and products for the type of wheels and tires you have, as stated on the containers. You will need cleaning solutions, brushes…

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Service Signs for Your Braking System

When a braking system needs repairs, the wheels on a car won't stop fast enough to prevent a hazardous situation. Although there are many things that can impact braking functions, a typical motorist can easily detect the most common maintenance and repair signs.

During most situations, the brake pedal will operate inefficiently when the brake lines have a problem. By mashing the pedal in your cabin, you can easily determine whether or not maintenance or repairs are needed. When a pedal has a problem, the mechanism won't generate proper pressure. 

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How to Avoid a Potential Tire Blowout

There are a lot of different factors that can contribute to having a tire blowout while you are driving along. Primarily, you want to make sure that your tires are in good shape. The treads shouldn't be too low and you shouldn't be driving around on a spare. If your tires are fine, there are some other things you can do to prevent a blowout from happening, such as:

  • Don't hit the accelerator too hard. Slamming your foot down on the pedal can cause too much pressure in the lines.
  • Don't slam on the brakes too…
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Does Your Car Battery Have a Low Charge?

Your car's battery needs to have a charge of at least 12.6 volts in order for it to start a cold engine. If the battery's charge is too low, the engine won't turn over. Being able to test the battery yourself allows you to take action and get a battery replacement before the current one stops working.

You will need a multimeter or volt meter to test the battery. Turn on the meter and set it to a low voltage. 

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Tools to Replace a Flat Tire

To change a flat tire, you need a few tools. Be sure to review your owner’s manual on how to fix a flat. The items you should keep in your car are a jack, lug wrench, spare tire, spray lubricate, flashlight with batteries, and tire chocks.

Lug nuts are on tight. Sometimes the lug wrench will not loosen them. Spraying a lubricant on them will help free the lug nuts. Before you jack up the car, you will want to chock it. Place the chocks in front of and behind the wheels. 

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When Your Transmission Needs Service

Transmission flushing does not have to happen every year, but you should have your transmission fluid checked at least once every twelve months. Check with your owner's manual to determine when you should have your transmission completely flushed. The range can be from 30,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Your transmission fluid should be topped off and the filter changed at least once a year. This can be done during a routine oil change. 

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How Does Your Overflow Tank Save the Day?

As your vehicle's cooling system keeps temperatures where they should be, the coolant itself gets very hot. As it heats up, it can expand and actually vaporize, in the process producing high pressures. If these pressures get out of hand, other cooling system components face eventual damage and failure.

To prevent this eventuality, designers created the radiator system pressure release circuit. This network includes the radiator cap, various transportation hoses, and overflow tanks. 

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Maintain Your Headlights for Safer Driving

Driving in the dark can be quite a challenge if your car does not have proper lighting. Sometimes the vehicle's lighting grows old and worn-out, while some cars come with inadequate lights. It is therefore vital to have proper maintenance on your headlights over time, especially if they are old. The Best Volvo of Rochester service team is here to help!


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