The Value of Winter Wiper Blades

Many Rochester, NY drivers know that there are many benefits of having winter wiper blades in your vehicle. Do you know the difference between traditional blades and specialized winter ones? Summer wiper blades are designed differently. They are meant to deal with lighter loads and warmer temperatures. Do not make the mistake of using the same blades in winter. Best Volvo of Rochester is pleased to give you some of the reasons why buying winter blades will be beneficial to you and your car.

  • Winter wiper blades are firm and strong and they do not give in to the heavy weight of ice and snow, unlike the regular summer blades that bend easily.
  • They are coated with synthetic rubber that is more flexible at low temperatures.
  • The rubber coating used on winter windshield wiper blades protects the wiper framework from rust.
  • Winter blades can withstand extreme temperatures without any need of replacement, thus they help you save on some maintenance costs.
  • They also do not leave streaks that reduce visibility or make it hard for the driver to see clearly.

Visit the Volvo service center at Best Volvo of Rochester to learn more and get the right blades for your car.

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