Tips for Holiday Food Transportation

If you're planning on getting together with family and friends this holiday season, you're probably expected to bring a dish or two to the celebration. Before you get on the road to your party destination, here are some tips for keeping your car stain-free, from the team at Best Volvo of Rochester.

A large basket or box is ideal for carrying large dishes. This makes it easier to carry the dishes into the party site, and prevents accidental food spills from getting on your seats. If you've made food that needs to be kept warm, place the dish in a sleeping bag for insulation. To further prevent spills, cover your food with plastic before securing your bowl or casserole dish with a lid.

You can also use large sandwich bags to house fruits, vegetables, finger foods and desserts. The bag will keep fruit juice or crumbs from ruining your seats or carpet. You can also ask a friend or family member to sit in the back seat and watch the food for you to prevent any spills. Happy holidays!

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