Take Care of Your Car This Fall

Back-to-school time is full of changes and exciting new plans. Lots of those plans are sure to involve your car, as you ferry kids back and forth to school or get ready to drive yourself to college. It's important for car owners to be well-informed about their vehicles and how to keep them in great shape during a busy time of year.

The fall can be an excellent time to bring your car in for service. Before you get started on your busy back-to-school schedule, make sure to change the oil, rotate your tires and update your wiper blades and other items. If you're seeing any unwanted lights on the dashboard, it can be a great time to have those checked out to avoid any unwanted surprises later on.

Make it a part of your fall routine to ensure your car is doing great. Visit our service department at Best Volvo of Rochester in Rochester, NY for a professional fall tune-up for your daily driver.

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