City Safety in the Volvo V90

The new Volvo V90 is a vehicle that's built to support you on the road. This popular luxury wagon is equipped with advanced safety technology that can keep you and those around you safe. We here at Best Volvo of Rochester are excited to show you how this wagon can change the way you travel.

When you're driving through the streets, the City Safety system will keep you alert. It operates whenever you're traveling at 31 MPH or less. Built-in cameras and sensors monitor the road ahead of you. If they see an obstacle or pedestrian that has walked into your path, the V90 will apply the brakes to prevent a collision.

The rear cross-traffic alert system can benefit you when you're backing out of parking spaces. The sensors will look out for oncoming traffic from your left and right side. It'll let you know when you need to stop and wait for another vehicle to pass.



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