How Does Your Overflow Tank Save the Day?

As your vehicle's cooling system keeps temperatures where they should be, the coolant itself gets very hot. As it heats up, it can expand and actually vaporize, in the process producing high pressures. If these pressures get out of hand, other cooling system components face eventual damage and failure.

To prevent this eventuality, designers created the radiator system pressure release circuit. This network includes the radiator cap, various transportation hoses, and overflow tanks. The overflow tank is a kind of safety net for your radiator fluid. If and when the pressure exceeds recommended levels, the cap allows extra fluid and vapor to flow to the overflow tank. This process, though simple, saves your entire system from serious damages and more expensive repairs.

To make sure that your pressure-release system and radiator tank are in good working order, visit our certified and skilled technicians at our Volvo service depot in Rochester, NY. At Best Volvo of Rochester, job number one is ensuring your satisfaction, so come by today for a no-obligation cooling system visit.

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