Clean Tires Are Safer Tires

Most of us wash our vehicles on a regular basis, but do we pay much attention to our tires when we do? You may not be aware of this, but tires can become damaged over time by the corrosive effects of accumulated brake dust, and it is important to regularly clean the dust from your tires.

The first order of business is to collect the cleaning supplies that you will need. Be sure to acquire the correct cleaners and products for the type of wheels and tires you have, as stated on the containers. You will need cleaning solutions, brushes and finishing products. The finishing products will prevent further damage from more brake dust.

If you would like to have your tires and wheels checked for possible damage or wear, bring your vehicle in to Best Volvo of Rochester for us to service. We can provide this and any other type of Volvo service checks that you may require.

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