Handle With Care: Travelling With Your Pets

Here at Best Volvo of Rochester, we understand that for most pet owners, their pet is more than just an animal - they are a member of the family. As such, we want to ensure that when our customers travel in their car with their furry family member that they are doing so in safe and secure manner.

Even though your pet might prefer to wander freely around the vehicle, this can be quite unsafe. Often, free roaming pets can distract the driver - potentially causing an accident. Of course, if an accident were to occur, an unsecured pet could be seriously injured. Instead, we recommend that you safely harness your pets into the back seat before you begin your journey - there will be plenty of time for licks and pets when you get there.

At Best Volvo of Rochester, we pride ourselves on having a large selection of pet-friendly vehicles for sale. Why not stop on by our showroom to test drive one today?



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