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Volvo is well-known for its long history of producing safe, modern, stylish luxury vehicles for drivers from Greece NY to Rochester NY and far beyond. But do you know about its humble beginnings? Here at Best Volvo Cars of Rochester, we're passionate about the Volvo brand and are happy to share more about what makes Volvo one of the best brands – not just today, but over the past ninety plus years! That said, here's some more information on the Volvo brand heritage.

Volvo OV4

Only 275 Volvo OV4 models were ever produced. Released in 1927, this was the first series-produced Volvo car ever, providing seating for four and an open air body over an ash and beech frame.

Volvo PV4

Nearly 700 Volvo PV4 hardtop saloons were produced from 1927-1929. The Volvo PV4 made use of a unique insulated wooden frame covered with artificial leather – a bold move at the time. Another unique aspect of the PV4? Its seats could be folded flat into a bed that slept two.

Volvo PV650 Series

Produced from 1929-1937, the Volvo PV650 was the first Volvo to include a six-cylinder engine. Early models offered 3.0-liters and a roughly 55-horsepower output, plus a fully-balanced crankshaft. The PV540 six-cylinder engines would set the stage for future Volvo engine innovations. What's more, the PV650 offered other advancements, like standard four-wheel brakes and a reverse light.

Volvo TR670 and 700 Series

In the Volvo TR670 and 700 Series, Volvo had found a solution for carrying hordes of people – a tradition it's carried on with vehicle like the modern XC90. The classic TR670 and 700 Series vehicles were dedicated taxis with room for up to seven.

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As you're likely already beginning to see, Volvo has been focused on finding better ways to carry more people more quickly, efficiently, and safely since its very inception as a car company in the 1920s. And today, it continues to work as hard as ever to innovate, providing some of the most modern safety features available in any vehicle lineup, and committing to electrify its entire range of vehicles from 2019 onwards.

To learn more about the various ways Volvo continues to be a luxury leader, contact us here at Best Volvo Cars of Rochester, serving Webster NY, Brighton NY and beyond! Alternately, visit our new & used Volvo dealership in Rochester near Fairport NY today to explore the new Volvo lineup yourself!

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