Volvo's Rich Heritage Has Fostered Modern Innovation

Nobody designs luxury vehicles as Volvo does. As one of the world's premier auto manufacturers, Volvo has spent many years iterating on their original designs, rather than resting on their laurels. At Best Volvo Cars of Rochester, we've been in business for many years, and as such, have had the pleasure of seeing first-hand how the brand has evolved in that time.

Our passion for Volvo cars extends far beyond what's on our lot. We love taking an in-depth look at everything that has come before, and we hope that it sparks a little curiosity in our customers from Webster NY and Brighton NY.

Volvo PV60

The Volvo PV60 released just after the end of World War II and was the very last large six-cylinder civilian passenger car the company created with a side-valve engine. It was on the market from 1946 through 1950, and a select number of them were converted into delivery vans and light trucks, showcasing how powerful the engine was for its time.

Volvo Duett

The Volvo Duett ran from 1953 through 1969 and is the ancestor of the modern Volvo V60 and Volvo V90 estate cars. The Duett was mostly sold in Nordic countries and was based on the PV445.

Volvo Sport

Although only 67 of them were ever built, the Volvo Sport was one of Volvo's slickest classic cars. Meant to be "the family sports car," the Volvo Sport was in production for only around a year, lasting from 1956 through 1957. It was designed to be for export, despite most of the vehicles selling in Sweden.

Volvo Amazon

The Volvo Amazon is one of the company's most legendary models, with production lasting from 1957 through 1970. It began as a four-door passenger car, before a two-door saloon version was introduced in 1961 and an estate version following the next year. By 1966, Volvo halted production on the four-door model, followed by the estate in 1969, and finally the two-door Amazon in 1970.

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